My thoughts on Alex Spear

My thoughts on Alex Spear

by Billy Smith 12/24/00

I was training with Maggie Hoagland about two weeks ago at the C & D cannel in Delaware. Maggie has a really nice puppy named “Nick”. This puppy is a fireball. I have not trained much with Maggie, but I did in the past. We talked about old times and old timers. Then 
Alex Spear’s name was mentioned. Maggie said he was fine and that I should go and visit.

Maggie called this morning and told me we were training at “Georgia Farms”. Be there about 8 AM. Don’t forget to bring some flyers. Our training group would be Maggie, Mrs. Stroud, Alex and myself. “Ike” and “Tiger” were on the truck and off to “Georgia Farms”. I was going to train with Maggie, Mrs. Stroud and Alex. I was excited! This was 18 years ago and I can remember as if it were yesterday. Maggie sold me “Ike” and he was a fine dog [QAA by Linda Harger]. Mrs. Stroud who owned Georgia Farms and a fine lady. And Alex. Alex owned “Chip”. The first time I met Alex Spear was at Delaware Park. My wife and I drove to the Del Bay RC Fun Day at Delaware Park in a Chevy Nova with two Peakes in the back seat. I saw “Alex” and “Chip” do a shore line blind. About 50 yards. Chip lined the blind, but the most exciting thing was “Chip” lined the blind and stayed about 20 feet off the bank. This was “Big Time” in 1977. I Called Bruce Mitchell in the middle of the week and asked him if he wanted to visit “Alex”. We made arrangements to meet “Alex”. Alex Spear will be 98 next May. He is still as sharp as a tack. He told me he can’t see very well but said he could still see shapes. He said it looked like I was eating well! We talked about old times and old dogs. “Alex” is doing well, but can’t get out much. Bruce brought in “Decks” and “Alex” had a great time petting the dog. I asked where “Chip” was buried and “Alex” gave us direction to the grave.

Next to his house were two markers. One was “Chesdel Joe” and the other was “FC/AFC/CFC/CAFC Chesdel Chippewa Chief”.

This picture was taken in Alex Spear’s front yard in Kennet Square, Pa. The first time I met Mr. Spear was at a Del Bay Retriever Club 1976 sanction trial at Delaware Park, Delaware. I saw “Alex” and “Chip” do a perfect 100 yard shore line blind and I was hooked on Field Trials.
Alex is on the left in this picture. This picture was take at an All Breed Field Trial in Maryland.
This picture was taken in New Jersey at the South Jersey Retriever Club trial.
Alex, B