Tantrums - wait it out or take action?

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Tantrums - wait it out or take action?

Postby big-mama-y » Wed Jan 03, 2018 12:07 am

I have a 7 mo intact male who measures around 80 lbs and 26". He was only occasionally possessive for short periods before we went on vacation. We kept him with a sitter who was highly recommended by some friends, with a short trial run and everything seemed fine, so we felt comfortable leaving him with them while we were on vacation. However, since our return, he seems very anxious and frequently throws tantrums and gets possessive about toys (only toys, no food aggression or other things, and he still plays very nicely with other dogs).

Currently, he's sitting by the stairs guarding a toy and working himself up, frothing, growling, barking, the whole nine yards. Nobody has tried to take it from him and we've mostly ignored him for the duration of his tantrum. However, this behavior is getting more frequent and carries on for longer periods of time.
He's also gotten smarter about guarding. Whereas he used to leave the toy and run when he got distracted by the doorbell, he now takes the toy with him to continue guarding at another place. Unless we want a fight, there is no way to take the toy from him. We would prefer to avoid a fight.

I read about these issues when we were choosing him, but I didn't anticipate the sense of powerlessness that comes with it. Do any chessie owners have tips for things we can do to calm him down or convince him that we're not going to steal his toys? Or is waiting it out the only option?
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Re: Tantrums - wait it out or take action?

Postby Frank Pittelli » Tue Jan 09, 2018 4:37 pm

You should find a professional obedience trainer in your area and have them evaluate the situation. During the 6-12 month period, dogs act like teenagers and it can be a very trying time. If you didn't do basic obedience training before that period, you need to start that training sooner rather than later. Find a professional and they will guide you through the process.
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