Chessies that don’t have what it takes.

Re: Chessies that don’t have what it takes.

Postby Payce » Mon Feb 19, 2018 3:57 pm

Have to share another thought, mainly for all the newbies like me. Rick, Sharon, Tim and to all the others that have in various posts reminded us all to stay focused when training. I had that very experience this weekend, with Saturday being a challenging session where things didn’t go as planned and Sunday being a session that was great. Both walking baseball in a rolling field with shorter grass. Distances anywhere from 30 to 140 yards, orange bumpers. After a lot of reflection on the problem, it was as much my problem as it was Sky’s. Saturday was hurry up and I wasn’t focused on each cast. Not ready with the whistle, not paying close attention to blind placement. Sunday I buckled down. Set up in a calm manner, lining, timing, follow up. Sky was the same dog, but performance was cleaner, fewer whistles, faster cast and return and she had did I. Now it no doubt helped it was the second day of this type of effort, but I feel my focus and cleaner action helped as much as anything.
BTW, Sky is getting more and more consistent over 100 and able to do 150, BUT more practice needed. Stop and casting back or over, cleaner at distances. More practice and more confidence in working with me.
Thank you all for the help.
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Re: Chessies that don’t have what it takes.

Postby loyalsockcbr » Tue Jun 19, 2018 5:00 am

I am totally green to training a CBR for hunting. My pup is 17 wks. I would say she exhibits really good drive. She comes from good stock. I concur with Tim regarding genetics. Although no guarantee, great parentage ups the chances to get a good pup. What would be the top three things to avoid to prevent ruining a dog (my biggest fear). What should I be doing at this point moving forward?
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Re: Chessies that don’t have what it takes.

Postby sandysylvester » Sat Jun 30, 2018 10:27 am

At that age socialization is your biggest priority and let her be a puppy. Get her out around new scenarios (boat, car, people etc). It sounds like you wont be running tests, so you don't have all those other factors to teach her later on unless you choose to do so (straight lines, angle entries etc).
Keep training short and her always wanting more, lots of praise for retrieving, low pressure. They can get weird if you put too much pressure on them. transition her into gunshot...most important good luck and make it fun for both of you...
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