What do YOU do with a 13 week old puppy?

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What do YOU do with a 13 week old puppy?

Postby jdavis92 » Fri Jul 13, 2018 8:19 pm

Hi guys,

General question that hopefully provides some insight and information for us amateurs.

For context, you have a Chessie pup that just got a 3rd round of shots and can be exposed to more "stuff".

1. Broadly speaking, what kinds of places DO you take your pup and what kinds of places DON'T you take your pup? While at the DO places, what are you paying close attention to and is there any puppy training you like to work on while at those places?

2. What kind of puppy training are you doing at home at this point, how are you doing it, how frequently are you doing it?

If these questions are asked in a way that doesn't make sense, please let me know so we can get to place that is helpful for everyone.

Jeff in Flagstaff

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Re: What do YOU do with a 13 week old puppy?

Postby RShockley » Sat Jul 14, 2018 1:05 am

I take my pups everywhere that will allow them. I really like places like home depot and lowes to help expose them to a somewhat noisy atmosphere with other people around. Just make sure your not the guy that has his dog go to the bathroom and not clean it up. Places not to go would be dog parks and any places with excessively loud noises. I work with my young pups in short 10 minutes sessions 3 times a day if possible. Typically do one session of retrieving and 2 sessions of basic obedience. I will occasionally shift one of the obedience sessions to retrieving when I am out at the training property as I will introduce water retrieves when temps are good. Otherwise it is mainly just allowing the puppy to be a puppy while preventing bad habits. Good luck and have fun with the pup. They grow up quick.
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Re: What do YOU do with a 13 week old puppy?

Postby Tim Carrion » Mon Jul 16, 2018 6:41 pm

What to do with a 13 week old?

1) Exposure to people and things
- Field walks. They learn not to be afraid that's what I'm looking for: to climb/step over a log, walk thru grass over their head, get their feet wet crossing a shallow stream or a puddle.....I may throw a puppy bumper 2-3 times
- People. The more people that put their hands on them the better. I live near a synagogue, the parents use my puppies to bribe their kids into going to Hebrew school: " afterwards we can stop and you can play with Tanner, Hank ..." My puppies develop their own fan club that will just play with them.
I am a fan of exposure to other strange dogs. Dog exposure is limited to my other dogs or dogs I know well.

2) Training needs to be: brief, focused, exciting and predictable. 5 minutes max, no distractions of other dogs or people, 2-3 retrieves with me constantly moving with the puppy, and them wearing a light cord so we don't start any "chase me" games. Retrieving at this stage involves going after it only, I don't expect a return.

3) Enjoy. After a day of the above we both eat and at 13 weeks he is small enough to fall asleep in my lap watching tv

Have fun

Tim Carrion
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