Louie MH** x Tootsie

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Louie MH** x Tootsie

Postby Craig Klein » Thu Mar 02, 2017 5:47 pm

BONNEMAS CROSSFIRE TRAIL MH** (WW Buttons “Sly” Macgregor***X Crossfire’s Genuine Citori***)

OFA CB-10020G24M-VPI Hips good
CB-EL2008M24-VPI Elbows normal
CHIC #82343
DM CB-DM14446/25M-VPI-CAR Carrier
EIC Clear
Optigen PRA Normal ID#985121005120254
DEADGRASS, 71 lb with a muscular build.

Louie has a great training attitude, always wanting more and never holding a grudge. Excellent upland dog with a great nose and soft mouth. Louie has lots of drive able to hunt all day and compete in both AKC HT and FT. Yet a wonderful house pet able to turn the switch off from FT mode.
AKC Master Hunter with all passes in Minnesota tough ht circuit, Louie also has a handful of qualifying ribbons.

Bred to:
CK’s Tootsie Roll (HRCH Oakponds Turbo Charger MH X CK’s Pay Piper MH***)
OFA: Good
Elbows: Normal
PRA: clear by parentage
EIC: clear by parentage
DM: Clear by parentage
Dark Brown, 59 pounds, compact and muscular build.

Tootsie was dealt a tough hand at birth, her mother accidently crushed her right rear foot while chewing through her umbilical cord. We did a couple surgeries attempting to reconstruct her foot but they were only somewhat successful saving only one of her toes. SO you now know how she got her name “Tootsie". Despite her disability, Tootsie has turned into a first-class gundog, lots of drive and desire in the field. She runs great blinds. We may run her in some HT after this litter. She is a very good looking girl, excellent coat, correct bite, sturdy build, handsome head, with an excellent pedigree to boot.

This breeding is very similar to our last breeding between Louie and Bea (Bea is Tootsie’s littermate). We’ve had several of Bea’s pups in for training and we are really liking them. Other reports have also been excellent. Good looks and talent. $1,200
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