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GCH Max MH X Nizina SH**

PostPosted: Wed Dec 06, 2017 8:07 pm
by Chugachchessies
GCH MarJan's It's All in the Game MH 'Max'
Chugach's Chattering Nizina SH** 'Nizina'

Max (CH Silvercreek's Remington Steele JH X CH Marjan's Annie's Song):
Hips good
Elbow normal
Eyes normal
DM clear
PRA carrier
EIC clear

Nizina (Chugach's Thumping Jago MH QA2 X CH MHR Chugach's Katmai Tazlina MH):
Hips good
Elbows normal
Eyes normal
DM carrier
PRA clear
EIC clear

This is a breeding of very different lines, the COI is essentially 0, which, biologically(genetically), is a very good thing. Max is a handsome sedge male with excellent field aptitude. He is an excellent marker, quite tractable and possesses wonderful temperament . His trainer says he is the best marking dog he has ever trained and despite being a dedicated Lab man, got a Max pup as his first chessie. Nizina is a young deadgrass bitch who has her SH at 2, is on her way to MH next season and had derby points. She is an excellent marker, extremely athletic, the most athletic dog I have ever seen, not intimidated by distance, very birdy and has been hunted extensively for both waterfowl and upland birds.

The pups are brown. Mainly, dark brown. They are very healthy and strong. At one week some are already 2 lbs. which is impressive. They are going to have great coats

The purpose of this breeding is to produce good looking, well built dogs of good temperament that have a passion for birds, hunting, and the dog games. I want good looking dogs with a desire for the field that are not intimidated by distance and can take some pressure. This breeding will produce the CH/MH/QA2 type of dog, and maybe more if we are real lucky.

Mike Vogel
Chugach Chesapeakes
the website,

Re: GCH Max MH X Nizina SH**

PostPosted: Tue Feb 27, 2018 9:23 pm
by Chugachchessies
Puppies are sold
Next breeding will be the 2018 winter
and will be a breeding for deadgrass and field trial attributes