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Ready for a new about a year.

PostPosted: Fri Mar 10, 2017 8:35 pm
by jdavis92
Just putting this out there.

I have already contacted some of the folks on this site already, but I figured I would put up a post.

My girl Phobos (Trapper X Sunshine Penelope) just turned 10 and is starting to show her age. So I have started the process of looking for another hunting buddy.

Along with Phobos getting up there in age, when my youngest son was born in Dec of 2014, my wife almost immediately suggested we wait until he turns 3yrs old before I get another hunting pup to train! :) Well he turns 3 in December so my time has come.

If anyone has some information on (end of year or beginning 2018) planned litters, let me know.

If anyone has any information about what I have in mind for my pup, please ask away.


Jeff in Flagstaff, AZ