When everything comes together

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When everything comes together

Postby Payce » Sun Oct 08, 2017 7:05 pm

Sorry no pictures, but did want to mention how there are days when hunting with friends and a young dog that just seem to go right and the pups put it all together and preform at a level that just makes you smile. Hoping others will share their experiences.

Had such a morning today with Sky. Simple enough situation, game farm, planted birds, large CRP type of field with a food plot on one end. Rained yesterday so there was moisture. Slight breeze and able to hunt with a cross wind. Okay simple hunt, basic tune up for the upcoming season. The cool part was having my oldest son along. The son that got me hooked on this crazy breed and hobby. Sky performed like a 5 year old. Quartered at the proper distance, found all 8 birds with ease, sat on command without issue and marked all but one bird spot on. The one she didn’t mark, she was in the food plot and didn’t see the fall. Called her to heel and sent her on a direct line on back. She ran right on top of the bird and looked like she had done hundreds of them. All retrieves right to heel.

Made this old man smile and all in front of my son, who is also my hunting buddy.

Was it a 200 hard blind or a spot on triple mark, or even a 100 yard mark? No....just a good job by a young dog, trained by an old guy, just learning himself, in front of his (already older and a grandpa himself) son.

I know there are limited days for this old body to hunt, but sure enjoyed this morning and look forward to each and every one!

How about you all? Any hunts to share that bring back good memories?
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Re: When everything comes together

Postby Rick Hall » Mon Oct 09, 2017 10:37 am

Always neat to see it go just as it should and particularly so with a young (or old) dog.
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