First hunt

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First hunt

Postby jarod1076 » Thu Oct 06, 2016 12:15 am

Bear made his debut Sunday afternoon. As much as I'd like to tell everyone things went smooth it would be far from the truth. I loaded up the skiff with the dog and gear and made it to our spot. We have made many trips in the skiff, he likes to sit calmly in the middle and take in the sites while I do all the work. As I toss the first decoy out the dog makes a lung for it and we almost end up in the drink. It didn't even cross my mind to practice that part with him. That was mistake #1. Mistake #2 was forgetting my boat cushion, now I'm forced to sit on the wooden bench seat without any padding. So as I'm day dreaming on what an idiot I am and thinking of ways to accessorizing my boat two birds get past me. Finally two birds come in I wing the first one and knock down the second one and the dog breaks on the shot. I had him sitting behind me so he wouldn't get muzzle blasted but he was able to watch to the front. He jumps off the back and gets turned around heads off in the wrong direction. I got the dog back into the boat and paddle over to the birds. We call it a day after that. Going from hunting under a well seasoned retriever to a puppy is going to require a lot of adjustments from me this year

On a positive note we went out the following morning and hunted from shore. He did well, although he wasn't able to retrieve he did not break on any shots and was able to mark a single my hunting partner shot
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Re: First hunt

Postby LA Ducks » Tue Oct 18, 2016 1:55 am

The joys of a new pup and getting used to each other in the field. I started hunting a little female lab (after having a great seasoned dog) this teal season, I spent a bunch of time training this dog, but some things I didn't introduce her to in training surfaced! Decoys, robos, multiple guns going off! She did ok the first day and near perfect the second day.

My Chesapeake will get his first hunt around the second split of duck season if his training is going well.

Good luck to you and your pup.

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Re: First hunt

Postby moscowitz » Tue Oct 18, 2016 9:50 pm

Great story felt like I was there yelling at my dog to get in. God it brings back memories. Going pheasant hunting Sat.
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