Future of hunting

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Future of hunting

Postby Payce » Sat Oct 13, 2018 10:03 am

A little off topic, but really not. Enjoy learning every day more about our Chessies and approaches to training them. Today helping the local PF chapter with their annual youth hunt as a guide at the local game farm. Looks to be a fairly large group of kids (40+) and a chance to expose them to both hunting and our breed. To give back and promote the outdoor activities many of us enjoy so much and which seems in steady decline.

Been working the pup often, with three trips to the field just last week. Hopefully she does well and this old body holds up!

We all have heard the call to take a kid hunting.

Quick update.....yesterday was great fun for all. Guided with a friend that also runs Chessies. Our dogs had hunted together often and it was easy to control the situation. Took two groups of 5 kids out and all got to shoot at some birds. For roughly half of the kids, it was their first time. Many had never seen a Chessie. Weather was almost perfect. One young man walking back beside me mentioned he was 12 and his first hunt. Laughed hard and told him my first pheasant hunt was also when I was 12....51 years ago.

Take a kid hunting!

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