Any Suggestions?

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Any Suggestions?

Postby RedBeardDeeds » Thu Jun 29, 2017 4:38 pm

Hi all,

I am a new member to this forum and am seeking advice.

I am a 4th Generation Chessy owner, started with my Great Grandfather when he had his first 2 shipped into Utah and our family has been hooked ever since. We have done very little hunt testing and shows but have done actual real hunting hard our entire life. I have a small deadgrass female that is a duck hunting machine for my open water retrieves but recently lost my big male for my river and goose field retrieves. I end up hunting Montana a lot in the late season for some pheasants and Giant Canadians he used to fetch around 30-40 geese a day in disc fields and be okay but my little 60lb female cant hang so I decided its time to start all over again with a large male.

Here is where I could use some help, I am ready to look into another bloodline and am willing to ship in the right puppy but am very particular on the look and size I am wanting and to be completely honest I am very "out of the game" with what breeders I should consider for this. Ideally I would like a male that will top out at 85+ pounds, large neck, blocky head and is darker in color (Although color isn't a huge factor for me It would be nice for darker for blending into the colors he will be hunting in.) When I'm in layouts, coffins or marsh it doesn't matter as much but in the sprinkler ruts and canals I have found more success with dark color. My late season hunts I can be running temps from -20 to 20 some field some river work.

Does anyone know of any puppies coming up that might fit the bill?


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