How do we educate?

How do we educate?

Postby Sharon Potter » Mon Oct 30, 2017 3:22 am

OK, this may be a bit of a vent, even though it's not meant to be, because I...and many others....end up having to clean up the mess. ;) But there has to be some way of fixing this, I hope, and I'm looking for suggestions please.

How do we educate people about what to look for in a breeder and when buying a puppy? Time after time, I hear "But we aren't going to show our puppy so we don't need health clearances" because they think it's about competition. It has nothing to do with competition, it's about the health and longevity of their new family member. How do we get people to realize that buying just because a pup is available and cheap (sometimes not all that cheap, even with zero clearances) is a bad idea? And often will be a lot more expensive when the vet bills come in from preventable health issues?

No health testing, no contract or guarantee (which means those pups get dumped into rescue more often than not when issues arise). And then these "breeders" give out the line "my vet says my dogs are healthy so I don't need to do the testing", which is totally bogus. Researching the breed means doing more than looking to see who has puppies ready to go. Do people even read about the breed and want to know?

Do people not realize the awful ending a dog with DM has, or what EIC, PRA, hip dysplasia, elbow dysplasia do to a dog....and that health testing can prevent most of it? Isn't it worth it to know that a dog that will be a family member for the next fifteen years or so has the best shot at being healthy?

How do we educate people to do more than just say "hey, this breed looks neat, I think I'll get one?" I feel bad every time I hear of...or have to deal with...another poorly bred puppy and owner going through problems that could have been avoided so easily.

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Re: How do we educate?

Postby RShockley » Tue Oct 31, 2017 12:23 am

Unfortunately I think those that will be buying these pups in the first place are not likely to take any advice sent their way. Not sure how much more can be done to educate people that don't want to be educated. It is the same for those continuously told about the potential behavior issues within the breed. Later they are the one posting about trying to rehome a dog or they are taking it to a shelter. I was very happy when the breeder I got Archer from would not take a deposit until she was certain I fully understood and she was comfortable with selling me a puppy. For me it just made me more comfortable with buying a puppy from her. I will be doing the same thing if I ever decide to breed my dogs.
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Re: How do we educate?

Postby Russell Huffman » Tue Oct 31, 2017 2:04 pm

I think until people are actually affected by these issues they won't listen. They want a cheap puppy and they want it now. Most people think the reason a person does health clearances is to make extra money on the puppies which is not the truth at all.

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Re: How do we educate?

Postby Tim Carrion » Tue Oct 31, 2017 5:21 pm

Give it up.

"You Cann't Fix Stupid!"
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Re: How do we educate?

Postby casjoker » Tue Oct 31, 2017 10:55 pm

Sharon, you stated an issue that can only be fixed by those willing to be educated. This is the same reason we now have the "designer" breeds of Labordoodles or whatever they are. I think people who are looking for a "working" dog will do the research. Those just looking for a pet won't, they will go with the cheapest breeding they can find. Until the breeders are willing to draw the line then we will continue to see inferior breeding, in all breeds. I waited over 18 months to get a puppy. That is in addition to the months of research before I found a breeding I liked. I would guess that not too many people who are looking for a Chessie as a pet because they had one growing up would wait that long.

Too me it's on the breeders to police themselves.
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