Pro-Plan Sport 27/17 - Turkey

Pro-Plan Sport 27/17 - Turkey

Postby jdavis92 » Fri Jul 12, 2019 4:22 pm

Does anyone feed their dog the 27/17 (Dalmation on the bag) variety of Pro-Plan?

If not, what variety do you feed and why?

Artie is on, and has been since she was a puppy, the 26/16 (Aussie Shepherd on the bag) version and is doing well. I just wonder if we should up the protein and fat a little as comes into her fully grown state and the season starts.


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Re: Pro-Plan Sport 27/17 - Turkey

Postby RShockley » Fri Jul 12, 2019 5:50 pm

I feed Pro Plan Sport 30/20 Salmon and Rice my Chesapeake Archer. He trains pretty much everyday so it helps keep his energy up and keep some weight on him. I went back to feeding him twice a day as it helps to keep weight on during heavy training. Thinking about trying out the Eukanuba 30/20 as I have seen other dogs that typical lose weight on a single feeding of PPP be able to hold weight with Euk. Otherwise never had an issue with the PPP 30/20 Salmon and Rice. It seems to provide a nice coat for show season as well although I typically add a small amount of Salmon oil as well. He seems to like it but he will eat anything so probably not the most telling sign. :lol:
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