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Postby don crampton » Sun Nov 18, 2018 2:38 pm

don crampton wrote:
Russell Huffman wrote:
Tim Carrion wrote:" The Chesapeake, with its arresting yellow-eyed gaze and its legendary origins involving market hunters and rescue from a shipwreck, enjoys undeniable mystique.Chesapeakes tend to be deeply devoted and very responsive to verbal and physical praise. They can convey with a gesture that simply to be in the presence of their master is the greatest privilege in the world. Chesapeake owners are accordingly loyal to their dogs and unimpressed by other breeds, however flashy." (John Dahl, The Big 3 Breeds)

I started with CBRs as a child, went to Labs for a little while but came back. When asked once by a judge why I went back I told her "I found out anybody can train lab I want something special".


Awesome quote Tim. I agree.

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Payce wrote:Jim I’ve heard. Did nite hunts in my day, but was already getting to be a racket and that was 35+ years ago. Mainly hunted with friends just to enjoy listening to a solid dog work out a tough track. Corn field races on a cool September nite also great fun. Funny how many of us in our youth hunted behind hounds and now hunt behind Chessies. Got to love em. They are a different breed. As mentioned before, even my little gal Sky has drive and no quit. If I can hunt so can she, in fact when she was 1 it was -15 one morning and a buddy called about a pheasant hunt. Had to tell him Sky would go, but I didn’t want to. We went when it hit 0 and she caught a rooster that day before it flew. Never did get above 3 degrees and never bothered her a bit. Kept an eye on her feet, that was my main concern. From what I’ve seen that’s nothing special for Chessies. They all go when asked. Saw my son’s 11 year old male that could barely see and deaf make a 200 yard retrieve on a running rooster. His last retrieve and he made it happen. I’ll never forget that dog coming back to my son. Slow to return, but so happy to bring that bird to my son. They had a special bond. The old guy never went hunting again.

No doubt there are and have been great Labs, Golden’s, and many other bird dogs over the years and not trying to take away anything from them. Chessies.....just seem to have no quit in them.

Chessies are just more dog, more of all the prized traits than most all breeds.
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