Dogs influenced during hunt

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Dogs influenced during hunt

Postby Payce » Mon Oct 30, 2017 11:51 pm

Had a unique experience last week. Hunted SD for pheasants with a larger group and 4 other dogs, 3 pointers and a lab. Pointers had tone collars all going off every few seconds and three people other than myself using whistles. Lots of noise and distractions. Sky is both whistle and tone trained and during the first push you could tell she became seriously unsure of what to do. A couple of times she heard a whistle from one of the other handlers and responded accordingly. It was a mess and she didn’t do well, became unsure of herself and her responses. Lesson learned and hunted her seperate from the others the rest of the trip and she came back around. Today’s workout went great and she was crisp and sure of her reactions to commands. Sky just turned 2 and has hunted with other dogs often, but looking back, not with anywhere near the noise and distractions as this past week.
Question, have others experienced a similar reaction from a younger dog when hunting a large group? Any good ideas on how to condition a dog to such events in the future?
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