Blind retrieves, hunting vs testing

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Blind retrieves, hunting vs testing

Postby Payce » Mon Oct 09, 2017 12:34 pm

Question. Been working on casting and will continue to do so, but need opinions and advice. Seems in hunting situations you don’t always have an exact location of the fall as a handler/hunter and can only approximate a location, plus lightly hit birds as we know, move.....sometimes a good distance. Especially roosters. For Sky, she good at following the cast and what I have been doing is sending her and when I feel she is close, commanding dead bird, which was the command used first season when she was taken to a fall area. For her dead bird means just that, hunt, find, retrieve. She has already done a few successful blind retrieves using this process this fall, but I know it isn’t test type of handling.
Problems with this approach?
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Re: Blind retrieves, hunting vs testing

Postby Sharon Potter » Mon Oct 09, 2017 1:15 pm

Payce, hunting requires common sense and I've yet to see a bird fall with a little orange ribbon on it so we can mark the spot and know exactly where to send our dogs. ;)
I use dead bird...back! as the send, and the dogs know that means go straight out and find the need to say "dead" or anything else when she gets close to the area of the fall, as it's more of a distraction than a help. Just watch the dog, look for her to get birdy and let her work it out, and handle accordingly if needed.....but always try to send her so she will end up a bit downwind from the fall if possible. That gives a better chance at scent helping her.
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